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3 ways to drive more customers into your shop

A storefront isn’t just the door people see on the sidewalk -- it’s an extension of your store. Utilize your branding, store personality, and customer experience on your storefront to attract and delight your customers.

Here are 3 ways to improve your existing exterior storefront to attract more customers in:

  1. Is your branding carried over to the exterior of your store? This can be done with paint and trim colors, signage, and exterior displays. Consider things like planters or hanging floral baskets to give your storefront some ambiance. Additionally, ensure your signage is on-brand and large enough for people to see from across the street or down the block. Consider a sign that hangs perpendicular to your building as well, so people can see the sign as they’re walking down the sidewalk.

  2. Is there a space for your customers to linger outside of your store? Activity attracts further activity, so creating a space for your customers to pause outside of your store creates that buzz. It also provides your customers with an excellent shopping experience before they even enter your store. Get creative here! Maybe you can offer samples of food or beverages, or set up racks or shelves outside to display product.

  3. Is it clear what you’re selling based on the window display? If people don’t know what product you’re selling or service you’re providing, they likely won’t come in. In addition to making it clear what you sell, it should also be eye-catching. If your window display falls flat (or the lighting doesn’t showcase it properly), it won’t compel your audience to walk through your doors.

By taking these 3 things into consideration when setting up or refreshing your storefront, you’re setting your business up for success!

Get in touch with us if you want to chat further about how to optimize your storefront.



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