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At Brick and Mortar, we believe that your built environment should be more than just a place to do business - it should be an experience that tells your story. That's why we're here to guide, educate, and inspire passion-driven business owners through the predesign exploration phase, architectural planning process and construction.


We're here to help you create spaces that are both functional and engaging, and that reflect your overall mission, vision, values and unique story. We want your customers to leave your space feeling inspired and connected to your brand.


We believe that our experiential design approach is the key to success for any business. By creating spaces that are memorable and engaging, you can attract new customers, increase brand loyalty, and boost your bottom line.

Well, hello there!

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Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tiersa, founder and lead architect at Brick and Mortar design studio. With over fifteen years of industry experience, I bring a wealth of expertise and lessons learned to guide your project from ideation through the construction process. I'm passionate about design and helping entrepreneurs grow and flourish through opening or expanding their brick-and-mortar businesses.


My passion for designing spaces began with exploring Legos and setting up Barbie's home. I knew architecture was my path in high school, where I took drafting and interior design classes. So I pursued my master's degree at North Dakota State University, then worked in small and mid-sized firms for over a dozen years designing and managing commercial projects ranging from small interior remodels to multi-million-dollar extensive renovations. I'm excited to bring my experience to your project and create memorable spaces together that share your story and build brand enthusiasts.

Meet our Team

Administrative Coordinator

Brand + Copy Consultant

Architect + Design Consultant

Existing Building Documentation + Photography

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Marketing Strategist

You’re in good company


"...Tiersa was very knowledgeable, personable, and great to work with. Taking the time to learn about the variety of factors that influence the customer experience of a business was well worth it. It has helped us immensely in the planning process and saved us from pitfalls that could have been very costly to redo in the future."

—Ashley Gustafson, Unbound Adventures

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