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Discover services with your storefront goals at the forefront.

When it comes to opening a brick and mortar business, we know there's no shortage of things to consider. That's why we're here to help you navigate the complex and often overwhelming process involved every step of the way.


Whether you're considering leasing, buying, expanding, or refreshing your existing brick and mortar, we'll help you better understand the many requirements and needs of your future business so you can make an informed decision about the building or site that's right for you.

our services

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Predesign Exploration

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Concept Design

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Design Development

Predesign Exploraton

Predesign exploration + Strategy

Thoughtful strategic master planning is the key to a successful project. Our predesign work together is an exploration that hones in on your priorities, defines how you want your customer to feel as they engage with your business, brings clarity to the process and ultimately shines a light on the best path forward for your unique brick and mortar design and renovation. 

Based on your desired objectives, we can offer strategy sessions and customized toolkits at a lump sum investment billed in two installments.


It is ideal to begin  strategizing while your brick and mortar dreams are still in the idea phase to gain expertise on what to look for in a building, before beginning your search. When you are ready to consider a specific building we can journey into a feasibility and concept study.


Strategy session goals 

  • Clarify project priorities and objectives

  • Define space needs and requirements

  • Understand building code requirements per business use

  • Craft your customer journey and experience

  • Gain expertise in standout storefront design inside and out


Package includes:

  • One 90-minute discovery meeting to discuss: 

    • Your business site and building needs, desires, and limitations

    • Code requirements per business use and building type

    • How a change of use or occupancy could affect the project

  • Resources and deliverables:

    • Building code resource guide on your business occupancy type

    • Meeting notes and recommendations based on discussion


Additional hourly scope may include:

  • A deep dive into the codes pertinent to your business needs, the building and the site

  • Space program matrix describing size, adjacencies, desired connections and barriers, and needs specific to the space

  • Visual program diagram of the spaces

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Storefront Refresh

Experiential DESIGN

Already have a storefront but struggling with curb appeal, foot traffic, or store flow? Then our Experiential Design Package options are perfect for you. Together, we’ll identify your goals and customize a plan to optimize your storefront performance to its full potential.

Concept Package $450

Package includes:

  • 120 minute on-site brainstorm of:

    • Exterior facade, street interaction, signage and visibility, window display and lighting, and incorporating branding

    • Interior layout, circulation and wayfinding, lighting, display fixtures, and incorporating branding


Design Package

Starting at $2,400

Package may include:

  • On-site discovery session

  • One or more planning meetings

  • Branding support (colors, tones, textures)

  • Science and psychology of shopping insight

  • Lighting & wayfinding recommendations

  • Display fixture layout and purchase list

  • Street interaction opportunities

  • Storefront visibility and signage

  • Traffic flow and circulation

  • Up-to-date city of Duluth zoning requirements

  • Accessibility improvements

  • Written summaries of research and recommendations

  • Visual diagrams and conceptual design mockups

  • Coordination of product sales and installation

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Building Analysis

Feasibility + Concept Design

Existing building renovation is riddled with unknowns. The focus of this work is to bring clarity to the project scope through research into the existing conditions and code requirements.  Often this service is in tandem with predesign exploration and strategizing.


The predesign phase is based in exploration and discovery. The goal of this work is to define the scope of a project. With the undefined nature of this phase, this work is often billed hourly until the project scope is defined.


Objectives of this study may include space iterations to run pro forma scenarios, solicit preliminary estimates from contractors, seek approval from your local jurisdiction for a variance or to meet your financial institutions requests. The more we uncover, the more confident you will feel signing on that dotted line.


Study services may include

  • Team walk through of an existing building  to discuss observations

  • Gather all available existing building and site information

  • Analysis and summarization of building and zoning code requirements per the proposed project intent

  • Document the existing building to create as-built drawings

  • Define the project concept through sketches and narratives


Starting at $1,200

Package may include:

  • Initial discovery session

  • Research on past uses and public information on the building

  • Existing building walk through

  • Follow-up notes and recommendations 

  • One or more planning meetings

  • Study of the existing building and site opportunities and limitations

  • Research of building, energy, accessibility and zoning codes

  • Programming of space usage

  • Conceptual site or building diagrams

  • Facilitation with other trade partners for additional studies, such as surveying, structural observation or discussions with the City 

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Design Development + Documentation 

Only a few spots open each year!

This is where we develop construction documents and work through all of the permitting and design needs for your project. This service is quoted and billed by project. Our work does not end at permitting submission.  We are your partner through construction.

Final cost depends

on project needs

package includes:

  • Predesign Exploration

  • Conceptual design

  • Design development

  • Construction documents

  • Construction observation

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Arcitectual Design

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Check out our frequently asked questions or view some of the past projects we've worked on to get a better idea of how we can transform your brick and mortar business.

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