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Ursa Minor patio space.
Two workers in hard hats looking over architectural plans on a table.

We’re so glad
you’re here.

Since the day we first opened our doors, we’ve been on a mission to educate, inspire, and guide passion-driven business owners (just like you) through the predesign exploration phase and architectural planning process.


But what really sets us apart is our holistic approach to architecture. By focusing on your overall mission, vision, values, we can recommend how the built form can best reflect and amplify your overall goals.


Best of all, our emphasis on this approach not only sets our firm apart but sets your business up to make informed decisions that can save you time and money by reducing the unknown variables in the initial phase of your new space.

Well, hello there!

Tiersa Wodash headshot.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Tiersa, the owner and lead architect at Brick and Mortar, or BAM for short. With over a decade of industry experience, I bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the table by educating, inspiring, and guiding you through the concept phase and architectural planning process. 


I’m also the co-founder of Outside the Box (OTB), an out-of-school program at the Duluth Folk School for middle school youth, which provides students and their families with opportunities to learn creative problem-solving skills through hands-on activities focused on design and construction. 


Before launching BAM, I received my master’s degree in architecture from North Dakota State University and worked at a local architectural firm designing and managing commercial projects ranging from small interior remodels to multi-million-dollar extensive renovations.


"...Tiersa was very knowledgeable, personable, and great to work with. Taking the time to learn about the variety of factors that influence the customer experience of a business was well worth it. It has helped us immensely in the planning process and saved us from pitfalls that could have been very costly to redo in the future."

—Ashley Gustafson, Unbound Adventures

You’re in good company.

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